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November 14, 2022

Hiring For Abilities Versus Experience

Have you ever looked at a job posting online and wondered why there is a never-ending laundry list of job duties, required experience, and a plethora of other skill requirements attached to the position? Well, the answer is the job posting is serving to screen out candidates rather than screening them in because the job posting is only looking for experience rather than ability.

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Avoid A Common and Costly Compliance Mistake

Many small business owners aren’t aware that if they offer a group health insurance plan, it is their legal responsibility to provide their insured employees with a Summary Plan Description (SPD).

An SPD is a required legal document that describes the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee under a group benefit plan by providing detailed information about the health plan itself. This document must be provided to insured employees within 120 days after the group plan is established. Failure to do so could cost the company $171 per day in Department of Labor (DOL) fines.

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Implications of USDOL Proposed Rule Changes on Independent Contractors

Growing concern over the future strength of the economy. Increasing regulatory and compliance burdens and risks. Rising cost of capital and unprecedented inflation. These are some of the major challenges that small businesses throughout Michigan and the country are facing as they chart a path forward into the next phase of the pandemic recovery process.

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Election Recap

Gongwer News Service researched the question: How many years over Michigan’s 185 year history have Democrats controlled the House, Senate and Governor’s office at the same time? The answer is six. That’s what makes last week’s election truly historic. Additionally, Justices nominated by the Democratic Party also maintained their one seat majority in the Supreme Court.

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The Small Business Briefing

Tune in for another episode of the Small Business Briefing today at 3 PM EST! Hosts Brian Calley and Sarah Miller are back to bring you the latest news impacting small businesses.

Watch live on Facebook at 3PM or via Zoom.

Upcoming Events!

  • Kent Region Owner2Owner Meeting | November 29 | Register Now

  • Morgan Stanley Business Owner Summit | December 1 | Troy or via Zoom

  • Create Powerful Connections in Cannabis | December 8 | Birmingham

Nominations for the 2023 Michigan Celebrates Small

Business Awards Gala Are Now Open!

Michigan Celebrates Small Business recognizes small

businesses in all industries whose growth supports

Michigan’s economy. Together with our founders, we

established a variety of awards to honor the many different ways that small businesses demonstrate excellence across the state.

The deadline to submit nominations for the 2023 MCSB Awards Gala is November 27th, 2022. Once a nomination is submitted, the nominee will be notified via email with a link to fill out an application. The deadline to submit applications is on December 2nd, 2022.

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