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SP Monthly Product Highlight CBM Collection Services

November 9, 2022

Stop sending past due notices to your customers!

As an SBAM Strategic Partner member, you have access to our approved partner, CBM Services, who can help collect money owed to you.

CBM begins their collection efforts within 24 hours of receiving an account and don’t give up until they have exhausted every available possibility of collection. Their friendly customer service staff will contact your delinquent debtors by phone and statements to remind them of their financial obligation to you.

CBM uses electronic data searches, letters, collection calls, credit bureau reporting, and other skip tracing and collection techniques. Their collectors are monitored to assure the constant and effective collection of client accounts.

CBM Service won't give up until they have exhausted every available possibility of collecting on your behalf. Stop sending past due invoices and allow CBM to get the money owed to your company.

Click to learn more!

I can help answer any questions about your SBAM membership.

Sherry Bryan

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Certification

(517) 712-8343

Small Business Association of Michigan

120 N Washington Square Suite 1000 Lansing MI 48933

(800) 362-5461

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