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Apply for a Vendor Booth

Number of 10 x 10 spaces

Thanks for requesting a vendor booth! We will get back to you ASAP to discuss.

A Day In The Village
Booth Pricing

                                  1 Day  2 Day
One 10 X 10 Space     $45      $60
Two 10 X 10 Spaces    $80    $100

                                  1 Day  2 Day
One 10 X 10 Space     $50      $70
Two 10 X 10 Spaces    $90    $110


A Day In The Village
Booth Rules

The advertised times for vendors will be from 10 AM to 5 PM on Friday and 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday.
● You may set up Friday or Saturday morning between 6 and 7:45 am. You MUST be off the sidewalks by 8am for the 5k race on Saturday.
● We ask that all booth holders remain open and do not break down prior to end time.

Breakdown Rule: Please do not begin breaking down early! You may START to break down AFTER the time shown above. If you have comments or thoughts on what the times should be, please include a written suggestion with your application.

Other Rules:
1. Spaces will be officially assigned 5-7 days before the event you will receive an email. 
2. Must submit check with print application, or upon acceptance of your digital application.
3. Please clean space up on leaving area at end of show.
4. Absolutely NO Drugs or Alcoholic Beverages allowed. Remember this is a family event!
5. Please be sure the area around your booth is spotless when you leave.
6. Baked Goods and Food: Churches, vendors, and other entities selling food need to make sure you have all necessary licenses through the Health Department! Call 517-887-4312 for info.
7. Parking: It is CRITICAL to you and the show’s success that parking be available for patrons that drive by. If you are not sure where to park, just ask one of the staff. Thank you in advance for this!

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